Welcome to the Cancer Survivors' Network

Saint Joseph's Cancer Survivors' Network is a free community resource for people affected by cancer including patients, survivors, caregivers, family members and the community at large. The Cancer Survivors' Network is a non-profit organization consisting of a "network" of people who are surviving cancer and wish to help others who are facing the challenges that cancer brings.

At the Cancer Survivors Network, we believe that cancer survivorship is a journey which begins at the moment of diagnosis and can continue for many years after treatment is finished. For that reason, when referring to someone facing cancer, whether they are currently undergoing cancer treatment or years post-treatment, we prefer to use the term "cancer survivor" instead of cancer patient or cancer victim.

No one needs to travel through the cancer experience alone. To us, "Sharing the Journey" is about joining together to become advocates for one another so we may proactively promote cancer survivorship.

Proactive cancer survivorship is successfully realized when someone diagnosed with cancer:

  • Pursues learning opportunities and support systems that allow them to fully understand their disease
  • Takes personal control of their treatment
  • Manages any necesary lifestyle changes with a posiitive attitude
  • Continuously finds reasons for hope

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